Hydraulic Borehole Mining


What is Jet Mining?

Jet Mining is using high-pressure water or fluid to disaggregate subsurface material and concurrently using either airlift or venturi pumps to lift the disaggregated material back to surface.

Application of Jet Mining

Jet Mining can be used in the recovery of natural resource ore, in the oil and gas sector for recovery or enhancement in addition to the water resource and environmental industries.

Benefits of Jet Mining

Jet Mining provides an economically sound alternative to traditional mining methods for subsurface ore or resource deposits or an access means for other application solutions.

Technical Parameters of Jet Mining

Kinley can work with the technical parameters to find a solution on a project-by-project basis. We understand every project is different and are driven to adapt to each clients needs.

Background in Jet Mining

Kinley has been involved in multiple hydraulic borehole mining advancements over the last 30 years and continues to innovate to provide high quality solutions to our clients.

Picture Stories of Background

Browse through some of the picture stories to see lots of the background work that has led to Jet Mining becoming an innovative solution to subsurface access for all of our clients needs.

Gallery Photos

Check out our gallery of select photos for your enjoyment to see what types of projects and solutions are available to you for your specific resource requirement around the world.

Borehole Mining Video

View our short video of the process to learn a little more about hydraulic borehole mining and imagine it working for you in your specific application.

Hydraulic Borehole Mining

Kinley Exploration is a world leader in Hydraulic Borehole Mining strategy, equipment design, engineering and operations.  With over 30 years in applied engineered drilling solutions, the Kinley team has pioneered the new age of Hydraulic Borehole Mining techniques and equipment with applied modern engineering strategies and principals.

Contact us to find out how Kinley can help with all your hydraulic borehole mining questions and provide cost effective solutions to your unique situation.

Thank you for your interest in Kinley Exploration.

Hydraulic Borehole Mining

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