Hydraulic Borehole Mining


Background of Jet Mining

The Kinley group has been involved in multiple hydraulic borehole-mining advancements over the last 30 years.  The following is a summary of some of those Kinley advancements and workings.

  • Conducted advanced hydraulic airlift methods for Oilsands instrumentation and dewatering wells
  • Acquired the last United States Bureau of Mines built Hydraulic Borehole Mining rig, swivels and systems
  • Further developed hydraulic airlift technologies allowing submerged mining
  • Increased jet fluid flows in smaller diameter piping
  • Developed high pressure center bore flanged system with multiple pumping conduits
  • Developed double high pressure / low pressure swivel equipment
  • Engineered hydraulic multiple expanding arm system
  • Redeveloped mining pipe into drilling system
  • Developed front end tooling to advance the well and overcome prior stoppages
  • Applied multiple jets to both cutting jets and miner face
  • Developed quad wall and triple wall threaded connection systems
  • Developed horizontal application for miner
  • Designed dual air lift – eduction system
  • Applied lamination technology though multiple port supply system
  • Developed low pressure loss easy flow system to relieve pressure loss on deep hole applications
  • Reduced net pumping equipment weights, increased efficiency with high horse power pressure pumps
  • Custom engineered pumping systems developed to 13,000 PSI
  • Pressure rated mining systems to 6,000 PSI regulated pressure control
  • Developed horizontal mining application for long lateral narrow seam mining
  • Developed marine fully submerged system with air shroud boost
  • Applied production technology for fast handling robust heavy rig operations
  • Leadership in pilot techniques and tool development
  • Provisional Patent filed on Komodo Miner system
  • Project Specific engineered applications from experienced independent focused team
Hydraulic Borehole Mining

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